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Herbalife Review: What’s The TRUTH About Herbalife And It’s Products?

January 29, 2010

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Herbalife Review:  Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, Herbalife was created to try and help people improve their basic nutrition. As the company grew and expanded, other products were added, including personal care items. This company first started in Los Angeles, California and then in 1982, expanded to Canada. One thing they are best known for is their weight loss goods.

When he started the company, Mr Hughes actually wanted to help people with two different aspects of their lives. Not only did he see a need for better nutrition, but he also saw a way to help put them on better financial footing. People can start their own business as Herbalife distributors, being backed by an already famous line of products. They claim to have a great compensation package and great earning potential. The fact that you have to invest in their company and find your own customers, however, can be severe drawbacks.

Something immediately noticeable, if you explore their website, is the information that they do not provide. When you try to find details on how to get involved with them, you find a page asking for all of your personal details. They do not tell you anything there about how much money you need or how you will find people to buy the products.This probably deters many people who would like some answers, before giving out confidential information.

Some may also be surprised to find that nutrition does not really seem to be their main concern. Most of their products and sale pitches focus only on weight loss. Though they do have other products for sale, they tend to make you think that everyone has to worry about their weight and being obese. It is already known that this is a problem for some people, but it does not apply to all of us. As a matter of fact, if you do not need to lose weight, these types of sale pitches can be rather upsetting.

It is also safe to assume that many customers are lost simply due to the prices they charge for their products. Many of them cost more than comparable moderately priced items that you can pick up in any store. In our modern economy, people cannot afford to pay over twice as much for something they could easily buy elsewhere. High quality or not, there is no need to have to spend so much for great nutrition boosters. These are made by many companies and you will often find the same ingredients at a much lower cost.

Even fewer can afford to invest a lot of money in personal hygiene items. Everyone wants to stay clean and look great, but it is not necessary to spend $21 for a face mask to be able to do so. Some people think that expensive is always better, but this is not really true. Such items may be perfect for those with money to waste, but many people will have to go shop at their local drugstore. If they made some pricing changes, they could probably draw-in many more shoppers.

For people who are determined and can afford the endeavor, Herbalife can help them grow their income and use great products. There are others, though, that are going to find it just is not a practical idea.

The best advice is to make sure you check out all your choices, before deciding what you want to do. There are hundreds of manufacturers that make this class of products with lower prices. Several will even allow you to start a business with them that requires no investment or a very small one. Get the facts on any that interest you, before making your final decision.

Herbalife Review: Just having a great product is not enough to be successful in this industry. The key to massive success is knowing how to market your products. If you are are ready to explode your Herbalife business then take the next step and get access to my free MLM Marketing Blueprint by filling in your information below.

To YOUR Massive Success,

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7 Responses to “Herbalife Review: What’s The TRUTH About Herbalife And It’s Products?”

  1. herbal healing Says:

    Hi, we came here when i did a good yahoo search. Nice blog you have here! Keep it up!

  2. Rosie Says:

    I’m actually new at this and I became a distributor since I worked as administrative assistant of one the 40k presidents of herbalife (he is a great person) but stil I dont get how did he ended making this fortune sometimes I think to my self if could do it so I can right?
    But still how am I going to leave a safe job with a monthly salary to become a full time herbalife distributor? what if I am not good in sales?
    Please HELP!! SOME ADVICE!!

  3. Brandon Koon Says:

    Hi Rosie,

    You need to build your MLM business part time while still working your JOB. Once you build your MLM income to where you can quit your job then you can move into MLM full time. This is a process and not an overnight thing.

  4. Bill Winch Says:

    I do not feel you are giving a fair evaluation of the company or products. You give statements such as there are better products available that does the same thing. You need to show proof not just make the statement. Many times better quality does cost more money and I feel Herbalife products are competitively priced.

    You totally mislead by such statements as “Some may also be surprised to find that nutrition does not really seem to be their main concern. Most of their products and sale pitches focus only on weight loss,” Keep in find that Herbalife started in 1980 as a company with safe and natural weight loss products and has been extremely successful in that area. However a lot of their products and not weight loss related but toward safe and natural nutrition.

    Unless you are user of Herbalife products yourself, don’t slam them. They saved my life 18 years ago and I would not be here today if I had not been introduced to the Herbalife products.

  5. N. Kuipers Says:

    Hello Bill and Brandon,

    I fully agree with Bill. You make very unbalanced and poorly supported statements, if supported at all. The products are of high quality and people absolutely benefit from it. Why don’t you publish scientific proof of your statements in this blog? Simply because there is plenty of research about the products which proof they are of high quality and people can benefit from it greatly. You are claiming that you need to invest in the company before you can become a distributor, which is untrue. There is great support within the company to get you started with no investment at all!

    Brandon Koon review: Lots of blah blah, no in depth knowledge..

  6. Dan Says:


    Very nice article, and as always, there is two sides to any story. I just wanted to say something about their products, as I am a firm believer in them. I lost over 25 lbs in 3 months by barely following their plan, I had my weekly “day off” and still, their products worked great. As far as the business side of things, my friend is not setting the world on fire, but is making a significant second income from it. I can see some of your frustrations, however, as my friend does complain to me from time to time.

    If anyone is interested in the dieting side of Herbalife, I wrote a review which may help some of you make a decision on the product:

    Thanks you!

  7. Ricardo Says:

    I do think herbalife do work if one person want to lose weight (or whatever else good they promise it will do to you). However, i do think that herbalife is not for everyone. (not to everyone it’ll work the same way and/or with the same results at the same period of time. Also, to some people herbalife will not work at all as they same way that anohter brand of product will not do it. Just as any other product, herbalife will also show somes allergies to some consumers (the type of reaction regarding alergies may vary from person to person). In my case, herbalife decreased my sexual behavioral. One night I had some pills and some “nutrions” juice. The next day, my testicles hurt like hell. I have notice that my sexual potential has decreased as well and it’s very frustrating. My cousin who does sell the product, have been using them for 3 years. It did solve some health problems he had, but together with that came some other serious problems, for example, his cough never goes away, he never got to lose weight, he is always sick. And let me tell u that he use the products everyday, 3 times a day. (he is addicted to herbalife). I do think herbalife does make some people addicted to it. With this comment, i’m not trying to stop any one from using herbalife, but what i do try is to encourage you to know your body, that once you find out that it brought some negative effect after getting rid of the one u wanted, then stop using them, but if u dont show any problem, then there is not problem in using them. Good luck to you all!

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