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Yoli Review: Will Yoli’s Blast Caps Blast Off Your Income?

January 28, 2010

Network Marketing

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Yoli Review:  Commercial beverages make up a multi-billion dollar industry, a figure that is set to reach the trillions within the next decade. With so many different products on the market, it is hard to imagine that any company could actually come up with something new. Soft drinks claim to bring fun into your life, energy drinks bring promises of increased personal performance, vitamin drinks purport to be the answer to your health. One product, though, stands out. Yoli, with its Blast Cap technology, looks set to revolutionize the beverage industry.

Other beverages:

The truth is, most beverages aren’t as healthy as they may claim to be. If you take a look at the label, you’ll soon see that they are full of chemicals such as preservatives, flavors, colors and artificial sweeteners, fillers, sugars and other ingredients that may be bad for your health. But that’s not all.

Pasteurization is the process of boiling liquids to eliminate bacteria and improve the shelf life of the product. A side effect of this treatment is that most of the vitamins and antioxidants that might have been in your drink to start with will be destroyed. Even if some of the healthy ingredients make it past heat treatment, they are likely to deteriorate while waiting on the supermarket shelf.

Yoli drinks:

Yoli does things a little differently. The key aim with these drinks is to keep out all the nasty, harmful ingredients, and preserve all the good, healthy ingredients. It takes the freshest ingredients, including some of the most popular super-fruits, and snap-freezes them to retain all their original probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins.

With no artificial colors, flavors or sugars, a low glycemic index and just 10 calories in each bottle, they make a great alternative to the unhealthy beverages that dominate the market.

Blast Caps:

Wondering how it is that Yoli makes these drinks differently? The trick is actually quite simple. Each bottle comes with a special cap. The cap has a compartment that contains all the snap-frozen, nutrient-filled ingredients. This eliminates the need for preservatives, and saves the ingredients being destroyed by pasteurization.

To use the blast cap, you just twist the lid off, ‘blast, ‘ and shake the drink to mix the ingredients into the water.

Reusable bottles:

Every day, thousands of bottles are thrown away. To reflect the growing global awareness of environmental sustainability, Yoli’s creators have found a way to reduce the number of plastic bottles used worldwide. Using a more durable plastic, they have made a bottle that can be used all year round. This means fewer plastic bottles going to waste management, and less fuel being used to make and transport the bottles.

Blast Caps are available separate from the bottle, meaning you can refill and Blast away whenever you want, without having to buy a whole new bottle. Not only does it work well for the environment, but it works out cheaper for you! By introducing Yoli to others, you can help make an impact in the fight to reduce plastic bottle usage.

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