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Get a Stranger to Run Your Brand – Or Not

April 5, 2012

Online Marketing

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Your online business is picking up and you are reaping the rewards as the climb is steady. So naturally, you had to go out and celebrate with a few cocktails and found yourself a little more than hung over the next day. Though your laptop may work just as well while lying in bed, you’re simply not up to it – until two days later.
Just like any other job, a person can take time away from the computer as things do happen. Not just a couple of hours but even a few weeks, if necessary.

But what about my audience, you ask?
Here are some alternatives to having someone fill the time while you are out of the office.
Get a Contractor
There are many online outsourcing companies that have skilled persons willing to work for an hourly or flat rate. The terms are entirely up to you except do not expect work without a contract or agreement. If you would like to see samples of writing or marketing, ask if there is a portfolio or URL link (with their byline) that can be viewed. If not, you can request a short (100 words or less) sample.
It is also important to designate how often their services will be needed as well as turnaround time. If a strong prospect needs a slight adjustment in either area, you can be flexible and fair. Of course, if there is a repeated disregard for your needs, then you may stop the contract immediately. In the case of (possible) outstanding pay, be ready justify whether they should be paid or not. If you have no real ground to stand on, you can look forward to being banned from the outsourcing company or have your name as part of a smear campaign. Yep…it happens.
Get a Company
Many places boast that they can improve a blog or website’s ranking or that they can bring more traffic. While there are some places that can do this legitimately, they may charge an astronomical fee. Or the companies that may charge little money bring almost no results when it comes to ranking or traffic. Either way, it’s not a good investment for the person just starting out.
On the rise is internet or search engine marketing software applications that are supposed to eliminate some of the labor associated with tagging, keyword density and blog post creation. Other programs also claim to integrate social media accounts with marketing and promotion.
While there is little information about the effectiveness of these programs from an unbiased source, they may be worth looking into. However, there is another alternative.
You can fill in periods of absence by writing your own blog posts and scheduling them to go live on a future date. If you have a newsletter or e-zine that you self-publish, then take excerpts that would be considered evergreen content.  These are defined as something that rarely changes. Good examples are financial advice, recipes, how-to articles. Or you can re-tool a post or other information so that it’s current.
Your audience can be very fickle. They may say in comments that they love you or what you bring to the table but too many days without anything new or worse, error messages (one likely factor to consider if going with software you know nothing about) or anything that will prevent them from seeing what it is they are looking for will mean resuscitation for your brand.

Like anything else, the longer you go without breathing new life into your online brand, the longer it will take to remedy.

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