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How to Get Ranked Higher in Google

April 18, 2012

Online Marketing

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There are no secrets. You don’t have to pay some company you know nothing about. There are no tricks.
Every year many people start an online business with a good idea as to what type of product or service they represent, who their target audience is and where they want to be seen. How they will go about that may be a work in progress as well as why getting a high Google ranking is important.
And very necessary.

According to search optimization expert Don Kaufmann, here are the top five ways for your blog or website to get a higher rank on the number one search engine.

  1. Add fresh content often. This can be information about your industry, something entertaining that your audience can relate to or you can hire a ghost blogger to fill when you are unavailable. Even if all you can only post weekly, it is better than bi-weekly, monthly or whenever you feel like it.
  2. Post videos. If you do not have a Google or YouTube account, get one now! YouTube is the number one video-sharing and it is for this reason they have been acquired by Google in recent. Though there are many uploaded videos, you can share videos that are related to your industry. Even if all you have is a short podcast, use Movie Maker to import some interesting visuals. Once you edit, upload and tag it with the appropriate search terms, link to your Google Adsense account and begin generating revenue.
  3. Use longer copy. This can be debatable to some, especially if your blog or web page uses smaller (12 or less) fonts. You can either break long text (more than 400 words) into separate posts or use fonts larger than 14 and/or make your text bold.
  4. List you blog or website with the top online directories and sub-directories in your industry. Though many experts stress submitting your site to the Open Directory Project as the first step in promoting it, there are still many directories that will be of use as well. Search engines like Yahoo and Google, as well as specialized search sites like Eco-living, sports or any niche industry.
  5. Use badges and icons from credible organizations. Are you a member of a professional organization? Or a long-time member of the Better Business Bureau? Even if it’s a small online group, having an affiliation with a similar or known organization will get people more acquainted with what your brand is about.

So you see, this is nothing that some person overseas can do without knowing anything about your brand or what you’re about. While you can pay an outside contractor to do some of these tasks, you may find it easier to do this yourself and save a few dollars, especially if you’re just getting started or have limited resources.
Finally, being easily found and high ranking will also make it easier to participate in revenue marketing campaigns. Once you find a couple of companies to work with, then you can have an easy side income.

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