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What Reality TV Taught Me About Branding

June 6, 2012

Online Marketing

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Many of us who like pop culture have at least one favorite reality show personality that we don’t like to publicly admit to.  Maybe  they’re on  a competitive show that most consider silly or overrated.  Or you just like their cut-throat nature, arrogant disposition or the fact that they may be nice to look at.

Whether they are named Snooki, NeNe, Bethenney or Puck, one common factor is that these people are memorable and most have used their fame to further or create a brand.

Now, no one is suggesting that you tear up a room, yell at your clients or pick a fight with someone because you are mad.

Though most of these programs are semi-scripted at the most, it’s the timing of ad lib’s that make them a popular subject on E! Televison’s The Soup.

Yes, the majority of these performers can be full of action but only a few have personality.  This is what a person should strive to convey online in a matter of minutes.

Your Words

There’s no getting around the following statement.  I’ve seen many e-commerce sites with boring text and sometimes, it makes me not want to buy from this company.  For those are trying to introduce a new concept, you need to take the viewer to your level.  Don’t just tell them that they should try your product; create a scenario that will show how your product or service will benefit them.

Instead of – “Buy our creamy goat milk soap for softer skin.”

Try – “Tired of dry, cracked skin?  Did you know goat milk soap makes your skin soft without chemicals you don’t need?  Shop now and you’ll find that the price is pretty nice.”

Yes, the second one is three times as long as the first but more likely to generate interest which should turn into sales. If it’s a matter of layout space, you can make adjustments using HTML or by reducing the font. Or just start with an engaging sentence that has a link to the immediate solution.

One of the copy shortcuts is to start off by asking a common question, then present the benefits and finish with a call to action (Buy now, Call right away, etc.)

Presentation Basics

Whether it’s nice crib or designer gown, there’s nothing like a great visual.  If you’re using white fonts against a grey (less than 70% black) then stop it now. Either replace with bright green, yellow or hot pink text or just make the background black or another dark color.  The reason is that these two colors tend to bleed easily.  For the serious web surfer, your words can come across as blurry, even if you use bold grey text against a white background.

Keeping up Appearances

Sometimes, you may see these performers on other shows acting as an extension of the person they portray on the reality TV program.  If they are there to speak against a cause, you can expect their persona to come out at some point.  It’s sort of the same when it comes to your web presence.  If your products are somewhat quirky, then your social media image and other communication should reflect this.

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